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[Xen-users] Migrating PV guest from XCP to Xen Hypervisor 3.0.3

Hello All,

I have a few virtual machines running on XCP with VT-X support. In order to run 
those virtual machines on hardware that does not support virtualization  (VT-X 
or AMD-V) and running XCP,  we have to modify the virtual machine kernel and 
the XCP host. I know a way to accomplish this. My question is, can i import the 
modified virtual machines running on XCP (with VT-X support) to Xen hypervisor 
3.0.3 running on Centos 5.6 ? And if so, how ? The system i am trying to import 
the virtual machine to has a 32-bit CPU and doesn't support virtualization. 

I would appreciate all your help and time.


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