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[Xen-users] XCP iscsi storage pool problem

I have two identical host machines running XCP 1.1 beta. I also have an 8TB iscsi storage SAN 
that I'm using as pooled storage. I had created five VMs on one the hosts using the iscsi unit as 
storage. I created a pool, then added the second host machine. The second host was added to 
the pool, but the pdb connections to the NFS ISO Repository and the iscsi storage were broken 
on host #2. I was able to replug the iscsi pdb, but now none of the VMs can start because many 
of the VBDs have lost their VDI uuids.

[root@vhost1 ~]# xe vbd-list vm-uuid=2543464c-24fe-3b2d-0281-bb978cfe647b
uuid ( RO)             : de8fcc63-b72d-7e07-4602-2f6c4af19305
          vm-uuid ( RO): 2543464c-24fe-3b2d-0281-bb978cfe647b
    vm-name-label ( RO): imagex
         vdi-uuid ( RO): 7dd13d7a-0608-40ec-8637-34849c7adddb
            empty ( RO): false
           device ( RO): hdc

uuid ( RO)             : a701764a-bc8d-1545-4957-d01898e6cad8
          vm-uuid ( RO): 2543464c-24fe-3b2d-0281-bb978cfe647b
    vm-name-label ( RO): imagex
         vdi-uuid ( RO): <not in database>
            empty ( RO): true
           device ( RO): hdd

Any helpful advise on reacquainting the VMs with their VDIs is appreciated. 

Thanks    -Mike
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