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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Virtualization Test Day for F16 and Xen

> >> So, there's a meta-point here: we currently 'require' Beta releases to
> >> boot as guests on Xen hosts:
> >>
> >> "The release must boot successfully as a virtual guest in a situation
> >> where the virtual host is running a supported Xen implementation"
> >>
> >> I really don't have much knowledge of Xen and haven't followed this
> >> discussion closely, but do any currently-known bugs prevent this? If so,
> >> please flag them up so they can be considered as Beta blockers...thanks!

I filled Bug 740378 - F16: Can't use keyboard when installing F16-Alpha under 
Xen (regression) as guest
which is pretty descripting what is below.

Also adding in Jeremy's workaround in it.

Besides that, there is also
738085 - Patch to reduce spurious Xen entries in grub menu 

which has a patch to fix the grub2 menu-thingy..

> > Somehow the xen-kbdfront driver is not included in the initrd image
> > (I think) - and we end with anaconda but can't type anything.  I've been 
> > trying
> > to figure out how to inject said module in the install initrd to see if 
> > that is
> > really the problem but running in roadblocks (like xz 5.1.1alpha or 5.0.3 
> > complains
> > about corrupt image, or I've no idea how to make driver disks).
> I saw the same thing and worked around it by booting with "vnc
> lang=en_US.UTF-8 keymap=us" which eliminiates the need to enter anything
> before it starts X on a vnc server.  But it doesn't really address the
> original problem.
> I spent last Friday trying to get it to do an HVM install, but that
> seemed to be very much a Xen problem.  It wouldn't accept keyboard input
> or find its emulated devices properly until I added "acpi=off", or set
> "acpi=0" in the Xen config.  But even then it refused to see my HD
> image, even though the BIOS could list it.

> I got stuck at that point, and am now (successfully) doing a PV install
> (with the above workaround).

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