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[Xen-users] performance problem with more than one domain U

Hi all.

I have a xen server with two virtual machines.

When I start 
the first domain, if I log in to domain and enter the command:

time rm 
-r  /mydir

I have this time:

0.15 user 
0.60 system 
3:46.79 elapsed

(mydir is 650 MB)

But when I create also the second domain, I have 
this time for the same command:

0.00 user 
0.56 system 

that is, 5 times longer!

The server has two Opteron six-core 
cpus and 16 GB RAM

The first machine (the one where i did the test) 
has 8 vcpus and 12 GB RAM

The second machine (that II just started) 
has 1 vcpu and 2 GB RAM

The OS on all domains is Ubuntu 10.04, but on 
domain 0 I have the kernel from debian  2.6.32-5-xen-amd64 and on 
domain U I have 2.6.32-317-ec2 kernel from ubuntu.

The Xen verion is 
4.1.1 (compiled from source)

I can't understand why it slows down.
I am trying to play with xl sched-credit , but it should not be applied 
because the sum of the ram and of the CPUs of all domains is minor than 
the total amount of RAM and cores.

Thanks in advantage

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