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[Xen-users] combine DRBD and LVM for live migration and snapshot capabilities

Hi all,

I'd like to have your ideas on this Xen HA setup:

- two DRBD machines, capable of dual primary
- per virtual machine a nested DRBD config, meaning: VG-LV-DRBD-VG-LV. The bottom LVM config is to expand the DRBD device if needed. The top one is for the virtual machine itself.
- setting at least the top layer VG to active on both node.
- have Pacemaker handle the virtual machines as cluster resources.

Since the upper LVM config is active on both nodes, I would think a live migration should work. Am I right?

I would also think a snapshot can be taken from the top LV (after a xm save and before a xm restore) for backup purposes. Would this harm anything? If Pacemaker makes sure only one node can run a particular virtual machine, I would think things are OK, but I could be sorely mistaking.



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