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Re: [Xen-users] how do you create domU partitions?

At 12:32 +0200 26/9/11, Mauro wrote:
I've create DomUs in a cluster environment and with a SAN storage.
I've created a VG and a domU has its own LVM.
My intent is to create domuS with a single root partition and put
data, like /var/vmail, in a separate lvm.
Do you think it's a good solution or it's better to separate
partitions like /usr, /home, etc.?

It all depends on your requirements and usage.

I have some systems with just a single partition, some where /var is separate, and some with several more volumes - eg on a mail server I'll have a separate volume for just the mail.

I tend to do all the partitioning in Dom0 (LV for each required volume), pass each volume to the DomU as an individual disk, and then just use the entire disk in DomU.
It's easy to deal with in Dom0 as you can handle the filesystems easily, eg :
lvm lvcreate -L 2G -n guestnameroot vg0
mkfs -t ext3 /dev/vg0/guestnameroot
mount /dev/vg0/guestnameroot /mnt
<copy files to disk etc>

But it's really a matter of preference. Some people create a "disk" for each DomU, then partition it inside the DomU (even using LVM). The arrangement as seen in the DomU is more normal, but it's harder to work with the disk in Dom0

Simon Hobson

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