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Re: [Xen-users] Problem creating a domU using virt-install: --connect issue

On 4 October 2011 17:47, Scott Meyers <scottmeyers@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It seems that libvirt is not compiled properly with xen support. Did you
> compile and install Libvirt in a xen environment ( I meant while running
> xen Dom0 kernel) or on a non-xen kernel?
Yes, you are right.
Actually I compiled and installed libvirt running xen dom0 kernel but I can't
add the xen USE flag to that package i.e.:
echo "app-emulation/libvirt xen" >> /etc/portage/package.use
because for some reason, that use flag has been disabled:
[ebuild     R ~] app-emulation/libvirt-0.9.3-r1 USE="json libvirtd lxc
nls policykit python udev -avahi -caps -debug -iscsi -lvm -macvtap
-nfs -numa -openvz -parted -pcap -phyp -qemu -sasl (-selinux) -uml
-virt-network -virtualbox (-xen)"
As you can see the xen USE flag is between "(" and ")", so the echo
command above
is not effective.

> Also, you are better off using the command "xm create -c GUEST"
> There are many tutorials about how to create a new GUEST on the Internet.
> Google :-)
Yes, but it's a shame that most of the times there is something that
doesn't work
either becouse of an outdated guide or for some error in the guides themselves.
Google is my best friend and I talk with him every day (especially
before asking here).

Thanks a lot!


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