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Re: [Xen-users] compiling kernel in Centos Domu

On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 3:23 AM, Ian Tobin <itobin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The kernel config is standard except for enabling  highmem 64Gb so I can
> enable paravirtualisation, select all xen options.  Then in drivers set
> all XEN related options as static in kernel.  I didn't touch anything
> else.
> This same setup works fine on Debian DomU and I don't get this problem
> about modules missing when creating the initrd, only seems to happen on
> CentOS

Is your standard kernel config. modified from Debian?  If so, I will
suggest that you use CentOS 5 kernel-xen config as base and modified
from there to see whether are you able to reproduce the problem?

One important thing is due to udev version in CentOS 5, I think you
will need to set/enable CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED and

BTW, just curious what is your /etc/fstab looks like as the following
make me curious... ...

Looking for driver for device hda1
Looking for driver for device hda2

Hope this helps!


Kindest regards,
Giam Teck Choon

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