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Re: [Xen-users] two simple questions...

On 05/10/2011 19:01, Metron 6 (six) wrote:
hello all,

i have two simple questions about XEN...

first of all, it needs some sort of specific server hardware or can i
run it on a good pc, e.g. with quad processor and 8gigs of ram ?
second, if i add for example, 3-4 sound cards (pci or pci-e) on a xen
server, can 3 different hosts to use them ?
i'm interested to move under a hypervisor 3 pc's i use for a web radio



Yes, Xen works on just about anything that Linux will run on.

Regarding PCI passthrough, in theory, yes. Ive had a little hit and miss with it myself. I've used passthrough to move several NICs with success, but had trouble with some DVB-T cards.

Maybe a silly question, but why would a web radio need access to a hardware sound card? I thought they used digital media and the DJs don't need to be on the server, they are also connected via network/internet.

May the ping be with you ..

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