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[Xen-users] Free_memory discrepancy question

hey there,
I wonder if someone could explain a question I have - i have a number
of Xen hosts with a similar configuration which all exhibit the same

'xm info' reports:
total_memory           : 86006
free_memory            : 2032

However, when using 'xm list', i see memory reported as:
Name  Mem
Domain-0 4025
HOST1 6144
HOST2 6144
HOST3 6144
HOST4 2048
HOST5 2048
HOST6 2048
HOST7 2048
HOST8 2048

I would expect that adding together the total guest VM memory, with
Dom0's and free_memory I should get something close to the
total_memory of 86006 reported rather than 34729.

Do i have something misconfigured or am I not understanding something correctly?

thanks in advance,

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