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RE: [Xen-users] Re: XEN - networking and performance

> Jeff Sturm wrote:
> >Anyone tried SSD with good results?  I'm sure capacity requirements
> >make it cost-prohibitive for many.
> Interesting that a product I recall from 'some years ago' doesn't seem
to have
> popped up again - or perhaps it has and I never noticed since I'm not
> high end storage. This device looked to the host like a standard SCSI
disk, but
> internally it had a load of DRAM, a small (2 1/2" ?) disk, a
controller, and a
> small battery.
> Basically it was a big RAM disk with a SCSI interface, but when the
> went off it would write everything to disk. I suspect it probably had
> continuous process of writing dirty blocks to disk.
> Mind you, I suppose RAM does still cost somewhat more than disk.


It's a 500GB 2.5" disk with 4GB of SSD used as a cache. The drive
handles the caching internally so the OS just sees a disk. I have one in
my laptop (running Windows) and it seems to speed things up a great
deal, although I don't know how much of that is just that it's a 7200
rather than a 5400 RPM disk.

I don't think there are any such things in the 'enterprise grade'
product space though.


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