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[Xen-users] xentop reporting zero written sectors

Just moving a chunk of files from one filesysstem on xvba to another
on xvdb, and was monitoring with xentop as it was taking longer than

The VBD_RD  and VBD_WR counters were both clocking-up as expected, as
was the VBD_RSECT counter, but the VBD_WSECT counter was stuck on
zero, I toggled on the individual VBD device counters and these showed
the same (with the RD and WR counters correctly split between my
source and destination disks)

Is this a long standing "feature" that I've never noticed before or a
problem that should be reported?

Using the following packages from Fedora 16 beta

xen.x86_64                                   4.1.1-3.fc16
en-hypervisor.x86_64                 4.1.1-3.fc16
xen-libs.x86_64                           4.1.1-3.fc16
xen-licenses.x86_64                  4.1.1-3.fc16
xen-runtime.x86_64                    4.1.1-3.fc16
kernel.x86_64                              3.1.0-0.rc8.git0.0.fc16

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