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[Xen-devel] RE: [Xen-users] XEN - networking and performance

> the scripts, in particular the script that *modifies dom0 networking
> xend startup* is the biggest piece of sh!# idea I have ever seen in
Xen. It
> creates bridges, takes eth0 down, tortures dom0 with occult ip
> brctl, sysctl and iptables awk/sed manipulations and then it has you
looking at
> your screen yearning for the moment that ping timeouts become ping
> replies, telling you that your box is reachable again. This script is
a malevolent
> demon from the sewers of Norman the Golgothan and the worst part is
> network-bridge is also still the recommended default!

That script was designed to make the network look like it was before you
installed xen. Anyone with anything beyond a basic single-port
single-vlan setup comments that line out and creates their own bridges.

> It surely seems so. Xen's /etc/xen/scripts (another design fail, why
not /usr?)
> and udev scripts are confusing ad-hoc bloatware routines and are not
> transparent at all. With the current xen4 I saw the premature advice
to more
> or less 'prepare for migration from xm to xl'. Yet, xl supports less
and is
> conflicting: there is no vifname, no 'xl new/delete', no more python,
> relocation and suddenly there is a conflict between 'xm start domain'
> 'xl start /etc/xen/domain'.

This is an open source project. Please feel free to submit your own
scripts. I'd definitely like to see something that didn't create
firewall rules as I don't even want iptables loaded on my xen systems.


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