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Re: [Xen-users] small cluster storage configuration?

I now have 2 new servers - each with a lot more memory, faster CPUs (and
more cores), also 4 drives each.  So I'm wondering what's my best option
for wiring the 4 machines together as a platform to run VMs on.

A few things come to mind:

- Since these two new boxes are so much better, do you really need all four systems for hosting VM's? If you can do everything on the two old systems, you can do it all on the new systems. If you just keep it to two nodes, you eliminate some complexity.

- Ever worked with GlusterFS? It'll allow you to stripe and replicate across multiple nodes.

- If I/O isn't too much of an issue, you could use one pair with DRDB as the storage node and export to the other two over NFS/etc.

- Export everything over iSCSI, use md to mirror, name everything carefully so you know which nodes you can take down based on where VM's are. Complicated, but workable. I suppose you could set this up with DRDB too.


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