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Re: [Xen-users] Networking problem DHCP

Luciano Barreto wrote:
Hi dudes, I'm having a problem with dhcp network. I'm using OpenSuse 11.4 with Xen 4.0, default configuration. When I use my personal router (wireless router) I can start my 3 vms getting ip address and the comunication is ok. But now I'm trying to use it on my academical network (dhcp server fixed by MAC). The problem is, just the first 2 vms got ip address and comunicate with other computer on the network or to the internet, the third started vm don't get ip or comunicate even if I put it manualy. I asked to sysadmin verify and he said that there are no problem with firewall. Example, if I start vm1, vm2 and finally vm3, vm1 and vm2 get ip and the vm3 not. If I change, start vm3, vm2 and vm1, the vm1 don't get ip or comunicate.

I would suggest you fire up wireshark in Dom0 and monitor for DHCP traffic while you start the guests.

My best guess is that your academic network might be applying per-port limits on IP addresses and you are only allowed 3 at one time - and are using them all (1 for Dom0, two for DomUs). It might be worth asking the admins if they apply any such limits.

Simon Hobson

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