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[Xen-devel] Features for Linux kernel 3.3.

This is what is being currently developed and reviewed. Some of it
might be done before 3.2 merge windows opens so it could become part
of 3.2:

 - PV spinlocks. Jeremy has been tirelessly working on this and every time
   it looks like it is ready somebody comes out and points out a bug
   in generic code that impacts his work. So this has mushroomed to now
   include jump_label support (for tracing), compare and exchange atomic
   operations (for everything), and then the PV spinlocks patches.

 - ACPI S3 support. The code is going through a review and we need
   some eyes from the ACPI folks to make sure nothing is wrong.

 - Graphic support for radeon/nouveau for 32-bit cards (enterprise type).
   Also known as "TTM DMA pool" code.

 - Blkback/blkfront features. Expanding the blkback to do amazing things.
   Like make the code easier to read, expanding the discard support to support
   REQ_DISCARD_SECURE and also do multipage rings (to allow more I/Os).

 - microcode update. Well, this one is complex. The x86 maintainers
   want to re-write how it is done, so the Xen microcode is shelved for
   right now until that is complete.

 - cleancache. This is the last piece of tmem - it allows the swap disk
   to use the temporary memory pool that tmem provides to make the guest
   run even faster.

 - Xen ACPI cpufreq patches. They are not yet ready to be posted, but they
   are slowly taking shape.

If I missed somebody's current work, please point me out to it.

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