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[Xen-users] Best source of xen-3.3 dom0 plus kernel with recent drivers & security fixes

I am looking for a code base (other than our own code base) to create
a version of Xen 3.3.x (where x is probably 2) running as dom0, on a
kernel supported by a vendor, or a few patches away from support. What
we are using now has diverged somewhat.

Please assume for the moment moving to Xen 4.1 isn't an option (it is
in fact an option and we have an extensive rewrite to support that,
but we have some customers who need to stay on Xen 3). Assume
for a moment I need absolute ABI/API compatibility.

Some questions:

a) I think I am stuck with 2.6.18. Is that correct?

b) This suggests I should look at Centos 5.7. Is there a maintained
  patch set against a Centos kernel for Xen 3.3.x dom0?

c) Should I be running anything beyond the 3.3.2 release given the
  ABI/API compatibility requirement?

Alex Bligh

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