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Re: [Xen-users] Re: [Xen-devel] Xen document day (Oct 12 or 26)

If I may make some suggestions, speaking as someone who has some
background in UNIX admin, but is clearly a newbie to xen, but have
actually spent over 2 months doing google searches and trying to
filter out old crap from new stuff, I would like to see documentation
in the form of:

1)  Here's how to install xen on debian, ubuntu, redhat, etc.  Here's
how to compile xen into your kernel.
2)  Here's now to set up 3-4 networks (please please, oh gods, please,
use terminology similar to what others use, such as a virtual switch
or network, etc).  I had earlier asked how to set up a non-routed
network (say, 192.168.100/24), a bridged network (to eth0) and a
natted network (behind eth0).  The scripts are overly complicated,
really - if all we have to do is muck with /etc/network/interfaces,
that's really so much easier....
3)  Here's the different tools to manage xen (what is the difference
between xen-utils and xen-tools?!?!!) including something like
4)  Here's the recommended way to create and install debian, redhat,
lubuntu, windows, solaris, when to use which drivers, which HVM, PV,
virt, qemu, whatever, with sample .cfg files.
5)  General xen admin things (here's how to interprete top, dom0
memory usage, using xen on laptop/sleep, change screen size, add a USB
device, remove a USB device, etc) - should we really boot our guests
with xm create win7.cfg each time?!?!?!  That's what was recommended
in the past!!
6)  Advanced topics (PCI passthrough, etc)

That would really help newbies a hell of a lot.   As of right now, I
am *STILL* struggling with #2.  I have created br0 in
/etc/network/interfaces and bridged it to eth0.  However, when I bring
up a VM that has a vif with ioemu (what's that?  Should I use it?) and
br0, I see a network interface in my win7 guest, but with a 169/8
network :(  I can't get it to bridge properly :(

The current state of documentation seems to be in the
description/definition stage, but does not actually recommend what to
use when (or else I got hell of a confused from all the howtos, etc
out there, some of which were way old!).  Telling me what ioemu is ok
but telling me when I should use it (what is the best way to present a
network interface and a disk to win7, to xp, to debian/wheezy, to
redhat9, to opensolaris, etc) is more useful.

Thanks for listening to me!

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