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[Xen-users] xl cd-insert: howto?


I am doing a lot of attempt to attach a cd-rom to a domU but
they are unsuccessful. I don't understand how to do, and I also searched
both on Google and dhe XEN documentation. Google returns me a lot
of results, dealing with code pieces and I didn't find anything in the xen
docs. So please, could somebody explain me how the "xl cd-insert" works?

I see the syntax is the following:
xl [-v] cd-insert <Domain> <VirtualDevice> <type:path>


1) I didn't understand what I should put in place of <VirtualDevice>
2) I'm not sure of what to type in place of <type:path>

The reasonable attempts I have done are:

xl cd-insert 4 cdrom phy:/dev/cdrom
xl cd-insert 4 /dev/hdc phy:/dev/cdrom
xl cd-insert 4 hdc phy:/dev/cdrom

In all cases I get:

libxl: error: libxl.c:1824:libxl_cdrom_insert Virtual device not found

What it does expect as a Virtual device parameter?

Finally if i do:
xl cd-insert 4 hdc:cdrom phy:/dev/cdrom
I get:
Unknown virtual disk type: cdrom:cdrom
format error

Could somebody help me please?


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