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[Xen-users] PCI passthrough to NexentaStor?

I've headed down the path of building a virtual NexentaStor appliance
with the intention of passing a SATA controller full of disks through
to it...  But I'm beginning to have doubts about whether it's

NexentaStor is running in a Debian Squeeze Dom0 with Xen 4.0.  PCI
pass-through is working with other DomU's, but I see no sign of my
passed-through devices inside NexentaStor.

xend.log seems to indicate that the pass-through is working, and the
device is assigned according to 'xm pci-list <my-vm>'

Sadly, 'lspci' within NexentaStor reports "Cannot find any working
access method.", and 'prtconf -vp' reports nothing that looks like
real hardware.

Is this supposed to work?  I see lots of very old "coming soon"
promises about xen-pcifront and xen-pciback support in OpenSolaris,
but nothing to indicate that it ever became real.

If it's not expected to work, why are people building PV NexentaStore
appliances?  Is there another use case that doesn't involve
pass-through of a disk controller?

Thank you!


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