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[Xen-users] XCP 1.1 Version Override Problem

The version override feature allows XenCenter to function nicely with XCP.1.x. Unfortunalty xs-tools doesn't share the love. XCP 1.1 uncludes xs-tools-1.1 but that's not what XenServer 5.6 fp1/sp2 expects. It expects xs-tools-5.x and it's unhappy about the version mismatch. So, unhappy that I can't even manage to do a live migration:

[root@xenc2n1 ~]# xe vm-migrate vm=2b038b1d-62bc-b4de-68c2-8ef1cfa8f9d3 live=true host-uuid=2394d5b3-5b47-4a9b-9493-678120d7a576 You attempted an operation on a VM which requires a more recent version of the PV drivers. Please upgrade your PV drivers.
vm: 2b038b1d-62bc-b4de-68c2-8ef1cfa8f9d3 (i-3-12-VM)

I don't support there's a xs-tools version override hack in we can apply :-).

Can't we just get XenCenter support for XCP built-in? XenCenter has it's flaw (windows app) but it's the best configuration and monitoring app we have for XenServer and XCP.

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