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[Xen-users] XCP 1.1 VLAN setup

Dear XCP lovers,
We have installed XCP 1.1 on our BladeCenter and it is working like a charm. Except when creating a VLAN, the xenserver needs to be switched to bridge mode and back to openvswitch.
As I understood, this is a bug in xenserver 5.6 SP2 and will be fixed in the xencenter 6.0 which will come with XCP 1.5. Is there a date when the beta version will be released ?
Concerning our VLAN setup, we have 2 ethernet interfaces on our blade which we have bonded, so 1 interface available.
On this interface, we have created several management interfaces with IP address. 1 VLAN = 1 new management interface. Is this a correct approach ?
Can we setup a combination of guests who will tag IP packets themselves, and others where the tag will be added on the port of the openvswitch when using 1 bonded interfaces ? Until now, I couldnât
find the setup. Can somebody please share his/her experience ?
Best regards,
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