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Re: [Xen-users] Multiple lv's for domu

admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I need a word of an advice. I plan to deploy Xen on LVM.
Is it worth to do for domu's separated logical volumes for /, /usr, /home, /var, /tmp and swap when all them will be on the same volume group?

Or should I make only / and swap partitions and don't care about anything else?

Multiple lv's could be hard for hypervisor admin to manage, but safer for domu OS, right?

I think you'll get as many opinions as you get answers ! Like so much else, there's a large element of personal preference.

Personally, I do all the LVM in Dom0 - so I export several volumes to each DomU and use them raw (ie with no partitioning in DomU). It makes it a doddle to manage filesystems in Dom0 - though since I got into that habit I think it's got easier to loopback mount the volume and then access the partitions within it.

As to how to split the system up - it all depends. I have some systems with just a single volume. On the other hand, I have other systems with multiple volumes so as to split volatile or prone to growth (eg mail stores) data from the rest of the system - mainly to prevent uncontrolled data growth bringing the whole thing down.

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