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Re: [Xen-users] Automatic vncviewer startup

On 26 October 2011 18:23, Mike Wright <mike.wright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Flavio,
Hi Mike,

thanks for replying.

> You could wrap the commands in a shell script (make it executable):
>    #!/bin/bash
>    xl create vm14.cfg
>    xl vncviewer vm14 &
And this is actually what I've done at the end.
It seems there is no alternative solution to this problem.

> Personally, I prefer that the domU run its own vncserver.  That way I can
> configure it to use the whole screen and then resize it as I see fit using
> regular window controls.  But then again, I have to start the viewer
> manually (alt-f2, then vncviewer domU-hostname:1).
> Take a look at tigervnc.
Thanks I'll do.

>> By the way: does the analogue of 'xm new domU.cfg' exist in the new xl
>> toolstack?
> xl create vm.cfg
I know the create command but xm new is different.
when the old xm toolstack was used, "xm new" was for adding
the domU to the xend manager (so, even if the domUs were not
running, if you execute xm list, you were able to see the domains
anyway) and then you could do "xm start domainname" to start the domU.

In this case, xend is no longer present, so as far as I understand, this
"trick" cannot be done anymore. Am I correct?
Did I explain myself correctly? (maybe I didn't write very well what I mean,
let me know if it is not clear please).

Thanks a lot,


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