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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Ubuntu Pangolin HVMs not recreating properly

Figured out a solution. The problem does not lie with Xen, but with recent releases of Ubuntu.

It was indeed a boot problem. The grub timeout functionality enabling automatic boot from grub menu item 0, does not always work in trecent Ubuntu versions. This owes to the use by these versions of a recordfail parameter. The best solution is claimed by several users to be simply to comment out the recordfail code in /etc/grub.d/00_Header:

#if [ "\${recordfail}" = 1 ]; then
#  set timeout=-1
  set timeout=${2}

and then to run update-grub

Thus the HVM boots up successfully when using xm create

On 05/01/12 15:09, Benjamin Weaver wrote:
I find I can do an xm save  / xm restore properly, but not either
xm shutdown   /  xm create
xm destroy   /   xm create
sudo reboot (invoked from within the running vm)

After any of these 3 I cannot login.

So perhaps this is a boot problem?

On 04/01/12 18:11, Benjamin Weaver wrote:
I am creating Ubuntu pangolin Hvms (kernel 3.2.0-2-generic) with pvonhvm
drivers enabled. The host box runs debian squeeze.

The hvms work perfectly when created using the console (-c) option,

'xm create vm_name.cfg -c'

followed by a boot from vncviewer to the host machine. Once I select the
kernel I want in the vncviewer screen and enable the boot, subsequent
logins from this or separate shells work perfectly.

But if I shut down or destroy this hvm instance, and restart it without
the console (-c) option,

I sometimes cannot login and consistently get read-only file system
errors when attempting to execute commands via sudo.

What could be the problem here?

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