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Re: [Xen-users] Looking for GUI tools

OpenQRM is cool, but you, or anyone else using it probably spends more
time attending to the tool versus actually using it to manage systems.
 When I think of management tools, what comes to mind is: installing
it without having to fish for dependencies for two weeks while waiting
on a reply from the developers mailing list.  Statically linked (via
other websites/repositories) dependencies that are moved or have their
version changed is a very poor way to setup an installer.  If you are
going to provide "packages" for installation, perhaps you should
include the dependencies in said package.  ANY-way, I personally would
use anything BUT OpenQRM for a production environment that has been
running smoothly long term...because it wouldn't be any longer if you
use OpenQRM.

On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 9:23 AM, Niels Dettenbach (Syndicat
IT&Internet) <nd@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> eva <evammg@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
>>So what I'm looking for is a GUI tool to start administering domUs.
>>That's sort of basic maybe, but it'd be nice to start pointing at some
>>Cloud solution too. We always keep FOSS as much as possible (we are
>>proudly clean and safe from Micro$uck products as of today).
> hmmm,
> a very sophisticated but professional and notificable solution (beside the 
> others still arised here) for datacenter cloud management could be the mainly 
> web based openQRM.
> A very simple but even smart toolchain, usable as i.e. a extensible login 
> shell (shell based/type UI) could be xen-shell with xen-tools - especially if 
> you want to script byself and have not a very complex environment.
> But how far such solutions meet your needs is a question mainly depend from 
> what you want do do. Many of the solutions are smart and great, but only for 
> a subset of thinkable virt/cloud scenarios.
> So i'm very interested too here in this topic... ß)
> cheers,
> Niels.
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