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[Xen-users] Basic questions about xen and it's configuration

I have fedora 16 on my hp laptop as main OS and i want to install a virtual win7 inside fedora(maybe inside xen, i'm not sure!).
I install xen, virt-manager and libvirt via yum and then boot into xen with no problem(grub2 has many menu entries, but i choose fedroa 16 with xen 4.2.1 to boot up).
Now i'm alittle confused about xen and dom0, so i want to ask some basic questions:

1. What dom0 or Domain-0 is really mean? is this a vm or kind of user controller for xen service?

2. When i boot up into xen, fedora is slower than normal boot and system monitor shows 1.3 gig available memory, but my physical memory is 4 gig! so how could i run my fedora with maximum system resources(at least when other vms are shut off)?
'xm list' tell me most of memory was specified to Domain-0 which is at runnig state.
I could not shutdown dom0(i think i should not!) and every time i run 'xm mem-set 0 1024', fedora almost hung.

3. How could i share files between host(fedora) and vm(win7)?

Thanks in advance.
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