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[Xen-users] pci-passthrough NIC works as expected @ PV DomU -- until shutdown/restart. then, 'device not available'. Dom0 restart required. ??

i have a xen 4.1.2/linux64 Guest running on a xen 4.1.2/linux64 host.

i've passed through a PCI ethernet NIC to the Guest.

at 1st DomU startup after Dom0 boot, the card appears in lspci and can
be ifconfig'd successfully.  the card functions as expected.

if i shutdown, then restart, the Guest, the card STILL appears in lspci,
but any attempt to init the card with ifconfig etc fails, with "Device
not available" or similar messages.

if i reboot the Dom0, then all's well again @ the DomU -- until i,
again, shutdown/restart.  then, same problem.

how might i go about finding/fixing this problem?

i know i'll need to provide info here ... as i don't know, yet, what
info is pertinent, i thought i'd ask first ...

happy to provide any/all info i can.



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