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Re: [Xen-users] [XCP] install questions not answered in Wiki

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You cannot simply use yum in the dom0 to install drivers and dependencies.  You need to use the XCP DDK to install new drivers.  I don’t know the link to the XCP 1.0 or XCP 1.1 DDK downloads.  Maybe somebody could post those links up.


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Here’s my trials and tribulations trying to get XCP going on a server we have. Unfortunately, the documentation in the Wiki is not complete and is confusing for someone new to Xen/XCP and thus, I’m having trouble understanding some things. So hopefully, someone will be able to help me or point me in the right direction while I learn it.


I’ll summarize everything I’ve done up to now.



I’m trying to install XCP 1.1 on a server with an Areca 1680 SAS RAID card in it. I downloaded the Install ISO and went to do the install. There is no driver for this in XCP (which isn’t a big surprise). I downloaded a CentOS 5.5 driver disk from Areca, but when the install gets to the part about “F9 to load drivers” it does not read the floppy disk and it expects a repository type layout which is frustrating.


I managed to install XCP 1.1 on the internal SATA drives and want to compile the Areca driver and kernel module. So, once it’s all set up, I went to the console but XCP doesn’t include any kernel headers or gcc or anything to compile a new driver. I disabled the Citrix yum repository as per some other references to the HTTP 404 error I found while researching, leaving only the CentOS yum repositories. However, this is what I get:


# yum install gcc

“gcc not found”


??? Say what?


# yum install linux-gcc

“linux-gcc not found”


Ok, so now I’m confused. Why can’t I install gcc? I did manage to:


# yum install xen-devel


That worked just fine.



So my question comes down to:


1)      How do I get gcc and other necessary software installed so I can compile the Areca kernel module (or maybe there’s a better way to approach this?)

2)      Once done, what is the best way to set up our storage system to store VM’s


A subsequent question, is maybe there’s a way I can do a custom build of XCP with SuSE 12 x64 with the required kernel module?


The internal SATA drives also run off the Areca controller, so I had to move them to install XCP at all and I’d like to get it going as the internal boot drives are set up RAID 1+0 but of course aren’t recognized by XCP at all.


Thanks in advance.


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