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Re: [Xen-users] problems with intel S5000VSA board and hvm


2012/1/17 S. Kremer <sk71@xxxxxx>:
> Hi @ll,
> i use an intel S5000VSA server board with two xeon cpus. I installed a
> debian squeeze amd64 system with debian xen and qemu packages.

I have a SR1550 server which has the same or almost the same board.
So far I never tried running a HVM domU on it, but I can try it for you.

Can you first please update your BIOS and also tell me the version
you're using? Please also check if there's any extra switches for
enabling IOMMU (i.e. IO-AT, VT-d, VT-x, VT-io, VT-bla,

And please email us a xm info + cat /proc/cpuinfo

With all that info maybe someone can see a problem without time
consuming bug hunting :)

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