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Re: [Xen-users] Where is my CPU going?

Quoting Enzo Lombardi <enzinol@xxxxxxxxx>:

Hi all,
I am trying to diagnose a lagging issue on one of my domains.
Right now I have 3 DomU running + Dom0 and lagging is really bad. Even Dom0
responsiveness is really low (sometimes it takes minutes to authenticate
over SSH).
I fiddled with sched-credit without success:
                                         ID    Weight
Domain-0                             0   6000    0
dom1                                 12    256    0
dom2                                11    256    0
dom3                                   2    256    0

The bad side is that dom1 is Windows and lagging is causing the
kernel/drivers to crash.
The machine is a single Xeon 1260L (4 Cores, 8 threads) with 20GB of RAM.
Any hints?

SSH lags are not only caused by Xen time managment, but, by poorly constructed (or non-existent) DNS for the server and the guest OS.

Which version of Windows? I had a Windows 2008 system that was not responsive enough for the users (even though I knew the hardware was working well). It turns out a hotfix from Microsoft was required to clear up the non-responsive Windows 2008 server.

Ken Cobler

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