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[Xen-users] Issue while adding new host to Pool having VLANs on Bonded network


Today I was adding a new host to my Pool and found this strange issue.

Background info:
Pool has 3 hosts running fine from past 2 months.
Each host has 6NICs NIC0, Bond(1+2), Bond(3+4), NIC5
5 VLANs are created on Bond(3+4) and 2 VLANs on NIC5

Installed new similar host, configured only its management interface NIC0.
Added this host to existing pool.

The new host joined the Pool and created Networks automatically.

All networks were created successfully but the VLAN networks of Bond(3+4) were broken.
VMs having VLAN on NIC5 were able to migrate to new host but VMs having VLAN on Bond(3+4) were not able to migrate.
The error was "Cannot see required network"

So, I think my pool is having issue in creating vlan of bonded networks on new joining host.

I detached all the VIFs of bonded vlans. Then deleted the VLAN networks which were on Bond(3+4).
Recreated the same VLANs on same bond again for pool and it was successful. I can now migrate any VM (with VLAN) to new host.

XCP version is 1.1(50674), can someone help me understanding this.

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