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Re: [Xen-users] [Xen-devel] VGA passthough still not working

This whole garbage works for me. I have 9 months of sitting in windows mode pci passthru (see attach). Also on the past 15 virtual machines that are involved in hosting this system, two PCIe graphics card, 2 mice and 2 keyboards, which are divided between two different autonomous operating mode HVM. I'd like to see the login screen from the start, but you can not run on gfx_passthru different operating systems and versions of xen

JS> Most people run Xen for headless virtual machines, and VGA passthrough
JS> requires VT-d support in both the CPU and motherboard.  VGA passthrough
JS> is also somewhat dependent on the card you're using it with, so it's a
JS> hard thing to test.  If you want it to get more love, then you're the
JS> best situated person to do it :)

JS> However, on the topic of Sandi's issue:
JS> If your monitor goes black, that's a GOOD sign - it's indicative that
JS> the dom0 is relinquishing control of the graphics card, so at least
JS> that's working.  In my experience using graphics passthrough, this
JS> problem is related to your card not being fully supported; essentially,
JS> Xen can't pass your card through to the VM during boot.  If you leave
JS> the `gfx_passthru` option *disabled*, you'll have the emulated cirrus
JS> card (by default) and it will at least boot successfully.  Here's some
JS> step by step suggestions/instructions:

JS>    - disable gfx_passthru in config (delete the option or set it to 0)
JS>    - enable VNC, listening on all interfaces
JS>    - start the VM - your screen should still go black
JS>    - From another machine (what with your screen being black), connect
JS> in
JS>    via VNC and fire up the device manager in XP.  I don't have any XP
JS> boxes
JS>    left, but in Windows 7, you should see a device in an error state
JS> under
JS>    'Display adapters'.
JS>    - Check its PCI slot under 'details' - "Location Paths" should help.
JS>    Compare that to `xm pci-list [domain name]` to see if it matches up
JS> with
JS>    the graphics card.
JS>    - Install the driver for that device
JS>    - Reboot.  You won't see the BIOS on the monitor, but it should use
JS> it
JS>    once Windows takes over.

JS> If something in there doesn't work, hopefully I can help you debug - I
JS> went through a lot of this a while back.

JS> On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 2:24 PM, chris <tknchris@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

??>> I'm really surprised this doesnt get more attention. For as long as
??>> I've been on this list, this feature has been mentioned so many times
??>> I would think that getting this working would be a huge feature that
??>> would make the product even better. I have only seen the occasional
??>> success with experimental patches etc, despite this being talked about
??>> for years.
??>> On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 1:53 PM, Likarpenkov Alexander
??>> <al@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
??>>> wrote:
??>>> Please make a manual
??>>> or let's together make
SR>>>> Pasi,
SR>>>> I have that enabled in my BIOS, VT-d for the chipset and VT-x for
SR>>>> the CPU.
SR>>>> Have you managed to pass your gpu through to the domU?
SR>>>> Regards
SR>>>> Sandi
SR>>>> On Jan 20, 2012 4:47 PM, "Pasi KÃrkkÃinen" <pasik@xxxxxx> wrote:
??>>>>> On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 02:05:43PM +0100, Sandi Romih wrote:
??>>>>>>    Hello,
??>>>>>>    I have spent a lot of time trying to get gfx passthru working
??>>>>>> on my
??>>>>> system
??>>>>>>    without success.
??>>>>>>    I looked onto my hardware capabilities again to make sure that
??>>>>>> it does   support VT-d and I am not too sure that it does fully.
??>>>>>> My hardware is as follows: - Supermicro X8DTH-6F motherboard (5520
??>>> chipset
??>>>>>> which supports VT-d)   - single Xeon X5650 CPU (which is listed as
??>>>>>> supporting VT-x, no
??>>>>> mention of
??>>>>>>    VT-d at [1]ark.intel.com)
??>>>>>>    Now, according to the [2]VTdHowTo, the motherboard BIOS,
??>>>>>> chipset AND
??>>>>> CPU
??>>>>>>    need to support VT-d.
??>>>>>>    What confuses me is, why is the 55x0 chipset listed there if
??>>>>>> none of
??>>>>> the
??>>>>>>    CPU's supported, that I know of, dont have the VT-d feature
??>>>>>> option,
??>>>>> only
??>>>>>>    VT-x.

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