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Re: [Xen-users] [Xen-devel] VGA passthough still not working

SR> I am trying to pass my secondary graphics card through to the VM. My
SR> dom0 runs with the primary card (an onboard GPU).

SR> What happens with me is that the secondary card (GTX480) is
SR> relinquished to pciback and according to the logs, it looks like the
SR> card is passed through successfully to the domU.
SR> What happens though is a bit puzzling (with gfx_passthru=1):
SR> 1) When I start the domU, my dom0 screen goes blank (which is using a
SR> different graphics card than is assigned to the domU)
SR> 2) The domain does not boot; i.e. the CDROM does not spin up.
SR> 3) If I connect to the domain via vnc, I see only the qemu console.

The same nonsense. But my video is ATI

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