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[Xen-users] First Time User, Networking Issue

Hello all! My name is Michael Fagan. I am new to the mailing list here, so I figured I'd introduce myself first. I am a graduate student at the University of Connecticut working on debugging and reliability in distributed environments. I have been working with Xen for a while now, but am having a recurring issue.

I have Xen 4.0 installed with Debian 6.0.3. I can get the system running just fine. The DomU has network access as it should. The problem comes in when I create virtual machines. I can get them running just fine, but they do not have any network access. When I try to uncomment (network-script network-bridge) line in the xen config file, Xend doesn't shut down correctly (it hangs while trying to shut down) and when I boot back up, xend does not start. Recommenting the line fixes the boot issue, so it seems something is being broken by including this line in my install, but without it, my machine have no network access. I assume that this line needs to be uncommented to get network access?

Thanks for any help!

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