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Re: [Xen-users] VDI metadata corruption

If your vdi is a flat file, nfs sr or ext3 sr, copy the vhd file to a windows 
machine and use winimage to make a copy of it. It will fix the batmap. 

if your vdi is on an lvm, local lvm or iscsi, bring the lv up for the vdi and 
dd it out to a flat file. Take that flat vhd file and do the same as above. 
After it has been fixed copy it back and dd it back to the lv.

I've dealt with this many many times. It's a PITA to fix.
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Hi everybody,

Asked this on the Citrix storage forum and so far no replies...  I'd
really love to find a solution.   Thanks for reading and thanks even
more if you can help!

I'm running XenServer 5.6 SP2. I have a 2TB VDI that, when connected
to a VM, prevents the VM from turning on. I don't know how the VDI got
corrupted in the first place, it had been running fine for months and
then one day one of the 5 VDIs on this VM decided to disconnect
itself, the other 4 are fine. So far I have been unable to find a way
to fix this corrupted VDI. "vhd-util repair" appeared to have no

I am inexperienced with XenServer, but as far as I can tell, the
problem looks to be in the VDI's metadata. I've included the output of
vhd-util's check. I'd appreciate any info that you could give me on
how to fix this VDI and on how it might have gotten corrupted in the
first place.

And what's a "batmap"? :)

# vhd-util check -n
error calculating end of metadata: -22
appears invalid; dumping metadata
VHD Footer Summary:
Cookie : conectix
Features : (0x00000002) <RESV&gt;
File format version : Major: 1, Minor: 0
Data offset : 512
Timestamp : Sat Sep 24 20:47:30 2011
Creator Application : 'tap'
Creator version : Major: 1, Minor: 3
Creator OS : Unknown!
Original disk size : 2097152 MB (2199023255552 Bytes)
Current disk size : 2097152 MB (2199023255552 Bytes)
Geometry : Cyl: 0, Hds: 4, Sctrs: 17
: = 0 MB (0 Bytes)
Disk type : Dynamic hard disk
Checksum : 0xfffff186|0xfffff186 (Good!)
UUID : eb2c2bb1-a920-42c5-a083-77eddf3344aa
Saved state : No
Hidden : 0

VHD Header Summary:
Cookie : cxsparse
Data offset (unusd) : 18446744073709
Table offset : 1536
Header version : 0x00010000
Max BAT size : 1048576
Block size : 2097152 (2 MB)
Parent name :
Parent UUID : 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Parent timestamp : Sat Jan 1 00:00:00 2000
Checksum : 0xfffff467|0xfffff467 (Good!)

failed to get batmap header

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