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[Xen-users] One more VGA passthrough success story

Hi all,
I just wanted to share a couple of VGA cards that work very well with VT-d.
I started with the FirePro V5700 that thanks to the bitcoin gpu-mining collapse can be found for pretty cheap and which is listed as 'tested' by AMD.
When I got overheating issue with it, I borrowed a Radeon HD 5670 and, besides the necessity of downloading new drivers, it worked as well.

The way I have it configured is to have gfx_passthru disabled, so the boot output goes to the framebuffer and I can follow the boot process through a VNC console. For it to work I had than to disable the builtin Cirrus Logic card and reboot. This configuration survives reboots (I know somebody is reporting issues).

My Dom0 is Fedora 16 running Xen 4.1.2, DomU is Windows 7 with 2 VTd nodes assigned: one of the two motherboards USB controllers (motherboard being Intel DQ67OW) and the graphic card itself along with the corresponding HDMI device. 
What I want to try next is to apply AMD patches that enable the VBIOS so that I can enable gfx_passthru again and never need a VNC console anymore.
Feel free to ask questions, right now I am writing from the virtualized workstation itself.

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