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[Xen-users] Stubdom in Xen4.1.2

I am trying to run a HVM using stubdom in Xen4.1.2.  The file
.../stubdom/README states that I need to set up a couple of things in
/exports/usr/share/xen and then execute /usr/sbin/fs-backend.

I cannot find any program (or associated source file) for fs-backend in
my xen tree or in Ubuntu installation (using a self built kernel.org
kernel for dom 0).  Does this still exist and does it still need to be run?

I can successfully run an HVM using qemu-dm directly as the device_model
in config file, but it fails with no real error message when I try to
use stubdom-dm.  Has something changed in using stubdoms?

Thank you in advance.


Jeff Mason
Principal Engineer
CPU Technology
1500 Kansas Ave, Suite 3D
Longmont, CO 80501

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