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[Xen-users] Reminder: Xen Hackathon hosted by Oracle, March 6-8, Santa Clara, CA, USA

Hi everybody,

just a quick reminder that the Xen Hackathon is in Oracle, March 6-8, Santa Clara, CA, USA. We have originally planned for about 25 people, but already we have 14 people signed up. If you are planning to attend please sign up quickly, such that I get a feeling for the number of attendees. I can then go back to Oracle and see whether we can accommodate more people than we planned for.

* If you think you will attend please sign up at: http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Hackathon/March2012 * If you think you may attend, but are not sure yet add, e.g. because you do not yet have travel approved, please add "(provisional)" next to your name * If you can only attend part-time, please let us know which dates you want to attend. * If you do not regularly contribute to the Xen a mailing lists, please add your e-mail address such that I can get in touch with you

Please also add topics and stuff you want to cover. Also please suggest evening social activities if you are from the area.

Best Regards

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