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Re: [Xen-users] [XCP] Install to Flash Media

2012/2/8 Nick Couchman <Nick.Couchman@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Well, now that I've figured out that network booting XCP is not really
> going to be feasible, I'm moving on to my next option: flash media
> installation. ÂThe systems that I purchased have SDHC slots on them, so
> I figured I'd attempt to install XCP to one of these cards. ÂI had
> already read that there's a minimum disk size in the installer
> (apparently 12 GB in XCP) and so have factored in that. ÂHowever,
> whenever I try to install I get an error message that the "Partition
> size in sectors is negative." ÂAny ideas on this one?

I've successfully installed XCP on a SD card some time ago, but I
don't recommend that. Running an OS from a SD is not recommended
because the access time is large, and the system can feel
irresponsible some times.

> Any better way to
> install to flash media? ÂI suppose I could go ahead and do the install
> to a regular HD, then use a rescue system and dd to grab an image of the
> system partition, then transfer it to the flash media. ÂAny other
> possible paths?

Installing the image and doing a dd will not work straight away, you
will have to use syslinux to make the usb bootable, but again you will
face access problems.

> Anyone running XCP or XenServer off SDHC or other
> flash-based media?

I'm using a SD card to boot a regular Xen install (4.1.2) on some of
my servers, using Alpine Linux which is easy to install to a SD card,
has a very small footprint and works great with Xen. Don't have
experience with XenServer.

> Thanks - Nick
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