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[Xen-users] Routed Network with Xen

Hello List,

I am trying to configure a setup where the IPs have to bound to the dom0, and then via internal network, these can be used on the domUs. This is a requirement, as the IPs can be configured only on the Dom0 due to their static configuration.
I have configured the routed config, and installed the VMs using virt-install. The problem is that the VMs aren't accessible via static IP.
The OS is CentOS 5.7, and Xen is 3.0, the one that comes with the repositories.

I have changed the network scripts in xend-config.sxp and the kernel parameters as per this URL:Âhttp://www.devco.net/archives/2007/10/18/xen_bridging_and_hetzner.php

The link states that I have to configure the IPs in Dom0, and they will get automatically allocated to the VMs, which is not happening.

I also tried to configure the IP in vm config file by adding vif = [ 'ip=<IP>' ]

Please help.
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