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Re: [Xen-users] [XCP] Install to Flash Media

I did throw a 16GB SDHC card into one of the systems and ran the XCP
install, and it worked fine. ÂIt installed to the SDHC card. ÂThe only
issue I ran into is that in the case the SDHC card is seen as a USB
storage device by the O/S, and the default XCP initrd did not have
usb-storage loaded. ÂSo, I had to boot into a rescue system, mount the
SDHC card, and regenerate the initrd, and reboot. ÂIt is working well,
now, and I've ordered SDHC cards for the rest of the systems so that I
can install XCP this way. ÂI will have to see longer-term if there are
any adverse side-effects of install XCP this way - performance,
degradation of the flash devices, etc.


I considered this option on my hosts but then I realized that the price of the 16 GB SDHC card and reader was the same price of a 300 GB hard drive. By the time I ordered equipment I paid another $10 for 1 TB drives. They stay mostly empty but I figure I could repurpose them if I decide to change it.

Grant McWilliams

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use Windows."Â
Now they have two problems.Â
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