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[Xen-users] Announcing XenMaster

We're happy to announce XenMaster, which has the ambitious goal to become the de facto frontend for Xen with XCP.

We've had the opportunity to present our project to some of the Xen/XCP developers and now it's time to announce the project to a larger public.
XenMaster, in short, is a HTML5 frontend coupled to a Java backend delivering a rich UI for Xen, targeted at end users.
At the moment, one is able to successfully add NFS ISO repositories and iSCSI/NFS storage repositories (iSCSI currently only works on XenServer 5.6), create a HVM VM and control it via a VNC shell.

Development thus far has been carried out by Jorgen Evens, frontend lead and Wannes De Smet, project lead and backend developer. Of course, we now would like to welcome you in becoming a tester and/or contributor!
You can find more information at xen-master.org, to install and configure XenMaster. If you'd like to help and have experience in developing Java and/or _javascript_, load the source in your favorite IDE and have at it!

If you have any questions at all, we'll be happy to answer them here or through GitHub.

We hope to welcome you in using XenMaster!
Jorgen Evens
Wannes De Smet
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