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Re: [Xen-users] Memory offset in domU

Hmmm good point.  I'll get current and try again.  And I saw the list
archive...now I know, thanks

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 1:52 PM, Niels Dettenbach (Syndicat
IT&Internet) <nd@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> Huffen Doback <huffen.doback@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
>>I'm using 3.0 out of laziness as it's what's available in the Centos
>>default repos. I've upgraded to 4.1 using an rpm from
>>http://www.gitco.de/repo/ but when I boot into the domU networking
>>doesn't work.
> ...depending from what OS you are running as DomUs you may have to use/change 
> network device names. Check with ifconfig if there are there and up.
> Another point may be that the old bridge automatic in 3.0 is not longer used 
> / propagated so you may have to set up the bridge by your OS way or by hand 
> with brctl.
> What i mean: Before you try any different versions and combinations by i.e. 
> laziness i would recommend to check the network instead and solve the reason 
> as you usually will have to configure your xen setup at least in some basics 
> for your need.
> If you want to get help here it would be wise to have some current Xen 
> instead of any old / outdated versions.
> cheers,
> Niels.
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> Niels Dettenbach
> Syndicat IT&Internet
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