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Re: [Xen-users] 9.0-RELEASE PV from scratch

On 02-11 10:57, Trix Farrar wrote:
> Apologies for the re-post.  Forgot to sign original.  -Trx


about 2 weeks ago I written how to install FreeBSD-9.0 on PV
without any additional help.

All I needed was:
  Linux + Xen dom0 (i386 without HVM is sufficient!)
  FreeBSD-9.0 installation ISO file   [1]
  Xen-enabled domU Kernel image (I downloaded one from Debian/GNU Linux [2])
     (I hope next FreeBSD release will include this be default on ISO itself)

You basically needs to unpack kernel image somewhere (in Debian
it unpacks automatically into /boot/).

Then use something like this for installation configuration (using xm
or xl toolstack, do not know how with xcp but should be equally easy)

$ cat kfreebsd9.cfg
name = "my-freebsd"
kernel = "/boot/kfreebsd-9.0-1-xen.gz"
extra = "vfs.root.mountfrom=cd9660:/dev/da1"
memrory = 256
disks = [

You then start it without problem as:
$ xm-or-xl create kfreebsd.cfg -c

installator will start without a problem, and will ask about
console/terminal type, I was using 'ansi' which made cursor and
installer work relativly good.

After installation is done, before shuting down, remember
to add xen console to /etc/inittab!

Then shutdown domain, and change config file to:

$ cat kfreebsd9.cfg
name = "my-freebsd"
kernel = "/boot/kfreebsd-9.0-1-xen.gz"
extra = "vfs.root.mountfrom=ufs:/dev/da0p2"
memrory = 256
disks = [

Thats it: remove installation ISO file from disks, and change 'extra'
parameter, to now boot from disk.

You can now boot again:
$ xm-or-xl create kfreebsd.cfg -c

Thats all. Network configuration can be done also relativly easly after

Hope this helps.

[2] Debian: apt-get install kfreebsd-image-9-xen  # you can also try 
    on-Debian: go to http://packages.debian.org/sid/kfreebsd-image-9.0-1-xen , 
download section is on the bottom, you need i386, not kfreebsd-i386!

Witold Baryluk

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