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[Xen-users] Xen mailing lists, hostname change to xen.org

These mailing lists, and the other Open Source Xen mailing lists, have
for a long time used the domain name "xensource.com".  This is rather
out of date now :-) and also it makes the listserver produce links to
some old list archives.

So we are going to change the hostname which is used by the mailing
list software in its outgoing messages, for example in the various
headers like List-Id etc., and the mailing list footer.

If you are filtering your list email you will probably need to update
your filters.

This change will take place some time in the next few days.

NB this change affects only the contents of outgoing email headers,
links, etc.; the mechanisms for subscribing/unsubscribing, and for
posting to the list, will remain unchanged.  But we would encourage
people who want to post to the lists to use the address @xen.org
rather the old one @xensource.com.


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