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[Xen-users] Anyone need some hardware?

I am not sure if this is appropriate or not, but here goes...

I have some hardware that I would like to get rid of, it was out "Test
Cloud" setup, we are replacing it with some more dense stuff in order
to reduce power consumption.  I will list below the goodies.
Obviously I would prefer for someone to take it all, but I will
consider selling systems separately.

2 X Penguin Computer Dual QUAD core AMD with 2 TB storage 8 gigs RAM
(1U full depth servers)
3 X SGI Rackable Systems Dual QUAD core ADM 2 TB storage 16 gigs RAM
(2U half depth servers)
1 x SuperMicro Dual QUAD core Intel Xeon 500 gigs storage 8 gigs RAM
(1U half depth server)
1 X CoRAID AOE Storage (AOE SAN) 12 TB quad dual port gigabit Intel
NICs all drives and controllers included
3 X Dell 6424 24 port gigabit switches.
1 X Barracuda Networks SSL VPN, updates good through December of 2012

There are a couple of firewalls as well (Astaro Chassis) 8 port (4
10/100 and 4 100/1000) if you are interested in those as well, they
are Pentium 4 2.8 ghz with 2 gigs of RAM and either a 80 or 120 gig
drive.  There are a few other pieces as well, I can give a full
detailed list if anyone is interested in keeping it where it is and
using it.

I thought someone here might be able to get some use out of this
stuff, so rather than paying some recycle company to come grab it, if
anyone wants it, let me know.  It is physically located in the Dallas,
TX. US area and is currently in a rack with 100 meg internet
connection to it.  If you would like to leave it there and lease the
rack, the provider is pretty easy to work with, the colo cost is
around $750 per month all power and Internet included. (the rack
currently has two circuits to it).

Replies off list please, we don't want to clog up Xen Users with conversations.



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