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[Xen-users] How to Install XCP 1.5 beta

I would like to install XCP.  So I started at 
  and found the section labeled 
    'Xen Cloud Platform Project'
    This section was a nice overview but no 
    links to docs or downloads.
  The next section was labeled 'USERS' 
  which had a download link to
    'Xen Cloud Platform 1.5 Beta Download'
    This has an 'Installable Image' 
    and 'source files'.  
    Neither referenced any documentation.  
  **  I would really like to find documentation.
  Next, a section labeled 'DEVELOPER '
    All the Xen versions were 3.4.  
    The lead page to this said it would use 4.1.  
  **  So, what am I missing here?    
In another search for documentation, I found:
  Xen Cloud Platform Installation Guide
  Release 0.1
  Published October 2009
  0.1  Edition
  This was on http://xen.org/files/XenCloud/installation.pdf
**   This documentation is three years old.  
     Is this still valid?  
     Valid mostly?  
     Is there a newer version?
I jump in deep water often.   But I like to plan.  
Here, accurate documentation would be great for a plan.
I will appreciate all help and suggestions.



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