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[Xen-users] [Xen]Do some stuffs for xen

Hi lists and developers,

Maybe i should not talk about following stuffs here. If true, please
forgive me ;-).

I have subscribed our xen mail lists. And get our relevant
git repos. Actually, i wanna do some stuffs about Xen in GSOC
(Google Summer Of Code) 2012. So i am now searching for a mentor
in our Xen group, who can join GSOC 2012. I have studied some xen
blktap2 stuffs, which we add a new driver named "hlfs" for blktap2/drivers
to support our project 'Cloudxy'  (http://code.google.com/p/cloudxy).
I also write some articles for building Xen environment here (sorry,
in Chinese).
If no mentor will do some blktap2 stuffs i will do what the mentor like.
Because my major is Software Engineering at Xi'an University of Posts and
Telecommunications in China. I am now a Junior student who is interested
in Computer Science and Virtualization Technologies. I will do Xen project as
i could. I also did some patches for Linux Kernel

So i am sure i will also take some patches for Xen (blktap2 or other portions).
I also developed some other projects during my university time. I am
now developing a project named 'Cloudxy' (http://code.google.com/p/cloudxy/).
It is about Cloud Calculating. Our ECMS (Elastic Cloud Management System)
is based on Xen Virtualization. I developed some Xen stuffs and HLFS, which is
based on Hadoop Hdfs and Log structured Filesystem(NILFS2 thoughts
in Kernel). I also did  other portions about NBD(Network Block Device) driver.

I am familiar with C/C++, Erlang, Bash, Java, etc. And again, if any
developer wants to be a mentor for me in GSOC 2012 abdout Xen project,
feel free to contact me.
I will do a perfect job.   Trust me please ;-)

Best wishes to us ;-)

Harry Wei

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