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Re: [Xen-users] Save options for XFS over ISCSI ~ 17TB (for backup)

On 02/24/2012 08:43 AM, Denny Schierz wrote:

I want to migrate away from Solaris with ZFS to Linux with XFS (BTRFS is to young) . At 
the moment, I have Solaris 10 with ISCSI initiator running and a zpool with a size round 
about ~17TB. The ISCSI target  is a Linux Debian with "tgt" Daemon and 
connected via SAS (LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS2008) to several LSI JBODS (630j).

Every jbod has 12 (2TB) disks and managed by mdadm as a RAID6 device and on top 
LVM. I have two ISCSI target servers (one for _cold_ standby) and all servers 
has  power connection via UPS and a second direct one.

As I sad, I want to get away from Solaris 10 and know I search for options to 
use XFS with save options, in case of emergency (poweroff etc.). We use the 
JBODS mostly for backups (bacula) so, performance/realtime isn't imported, 
since network is the limit.

Under ZFS I can make sure,  with zpool scrub (file system check), that all data 
are completely  written and consistence. But what is the best way under XFS? 
Should I remount XFS every month for a file system check (re/mount) ? What 
happens in the case, of ISCSI problems?

What's the problem with zfs? Why don't you use zfsonlinux?
AFAIK xfs online check cannot be done on xfs.


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